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Freedom Cycles California

Since 2002, we at Freedom Cycles have been one of the leaders in the art, and repair, of V-Twin Customization.  Due to their vast knowledge and steadfast work ethic, Freedom Cycles California have forged a reputation far superior to most shops in terms of quality of service and time effectiveness. When it comes to behind the scenes, it is not uncommon to see their Freedom Family working long after hours to finish a job or assist a customer. 

Cura Claim

CURAclaim prides itself on speed and accuracy, but the core principal of our services stems from the partnerships formed with our customers. They understand that a loss can become daunting, but our claims specialists are here to alleviate that problem. Their core goal is to deliver a range of services that eases the burden to not only the policyholder, but adjuster and management team alike.

Frize Corporation

As a self-performing general contractor, you won’t work with another company like Frize. Not only do they understand the big picture, but they are on the ground, doing the work as well. This kind of knowledge is extremely valuable in our industry. Working in all industries, with all the industry leaders – they have a vast knowledge and unparalleled experience in everything construction. It’s in their blood.

La Placa Development

As a leading home builder, they offer a suite of services and direction to plan, design, and complete new construction of every style. They selectively work with a small number of clients to ensure the La Placa standard is not compromised in any project. The La Placa standard encompasses thousands of seen, and unseen details that only come with a tenure of over 30 years. 

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